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What’s Important to You?…Acceleration


Over the last few weeks we’ve been discussing priorities in hockey development.  Nutrition and goal setting have been discussed, but one element that is always reoccurring with my athletes is either their first three steps or improving the speed of their shot.

The truth of the matter is, the athlete needs to be stronger first, and then learn how to apply the new strength and generate that force appropriately.  To do this, your training program should have progressions to ensure mechanics are correct and being applied in the right pattern. In other words we crawl, before we stand, we stand before we walk and we walk before we run. Skipping steps along the way will ensure you are not working efficiently, and not getting the most out of your training.

At Barron Hockey we use a variety of training modalities from, KB swings, Medball throws,  olympic weight lifting as well as body weight jumps.  However, without being stronger and being able to put more force into the ground, it doesn’t matter how “quick” you are.

In the video below you see our Phase 1 medicine ball throw to work on acceleration. As you can see this athlete is working from his knees.  Essentially we have taken parts of the system out of the equation to focus on using the hips effectively to generate force.  We are crawling before we are standing.



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