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Larry Barron and Barron Hockey Academy is continuously working at ways to improve player’s overall hockey game, both mentally and physically. This summer 2009, has been a tremendous experience and time of growth for our son because he has had the opportunity to train with Larry’s new off-ice strength and conditioning and hockey specific equipment. Trainers Kevin, Chris and Jeremy all work hard at developing specific workouts for each player, based upon their level of hockey and strength. We have had the opportunity to watch our son and numerous other players. from mite to junior level, develop and improve their overall strength and conditioning this summer and have been impressed with all of the trainers knowledge and the way they have pushed and motivated the boys to improve and push themselves to new levels. This has been the best off-ice “total training’ that our son has received in all of his years of hockey.

All you have to do is take a look at our players to find out that we are not just another training center or do we offer the same old programs. We are innovative and ahead of curve when it comes to hockey training.

Hockey is who we are. Hockey is all we do….Why would you train anywhere else!

Where else can you train that has programs specifically built for hockey players at every level?
Where else can you train that has the staff and clientele that we do?
Where else can you train and have the ability to shoot a thousand pucks after your workout, on our shooting specific rink?
Where else can you finish your program with a skating treadmill sprint program?
Where else can you train where you have a full sheet of ice 15 ft away?
Where else can you train where hockey is the ONLY thing talked about, worked on, or taught?
Where else can you train where hockey players are the ONLY athlete in the gym?

Hockey is who we are. Hockey is all we do….Why would you train anywhere else!

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I wanted to thank you very much for your support of my kids, Adam Reid and Ashley Reid. Their workouts were great. Your enthusiasm is second to none. They both were very, very thankful for the time you gave them and their training.

While you greatly helped Adam, the best work was with Ashley. You gave her more confidence and she really felt like you cared about her progress. So many times she has been left in the shadows of Adam…

Never loose your enthusiasm! If there is anything I can do for you or your program, don’t hesitate to ask.

The same goes for Chirs.. he was awesome with both kids, but but again the attention he gave Ashley was very nice. She was very impressed.

Tom Reid
Father of Adam and Ashley Reid
Adam, US National Team under 18
Ashley, Chatham University NCAA DIV 3

Barron Hockey Academy’s facility is a
hockey player’s paradise. Larry and his staff
provide all of the tools for each player to
improve and be ahead of the curve. This is
where players in the area need to train!

John Rheault
Manchester Monarchs, AHL

Barron Hockey Academy focuses on the
specific things I need to work on in order
to improve my game. The staff is very
hands on and they push you to your
limits. Barron Hockey Academy has
helped me move on to higher levels of
hockey. There is no other place in
California who trains the specific needs
of a hockey player as well as Barron
Hockey Academy.

Taylor Aronson
Portland Winterhawks, WHL

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