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International Camp 2016 at The Rinks, Yorba Linda, CA

Dates and Schedule TBD

For more camp information, please contact Vicky Wang – Coach and Camp Director – via Facebook at Vicky Wang Hockey School.

Come and train with one of Southern California’s most well known coaches, Larry Barron. Recently earning the title of Official Skating Consultant to the NHL Anaheim Ducks, Larry is passionate about developing players at all ages and levels. Your player will experience a positive, constructive and fast paced environment, on and off the ice. Learn how to break down the fundamental skills of skating and stick handling and how to apply them to game like situations.

Players from across the United States travel to work with Larry year round! Barron Hockey Academy’s camps are known for their instructor to student ratio and on ice management. Below you will find just a few examples of what your player will focus on during their training at Barron Hockey Academy:


Each on-ice session will focus on skating skills, with and without the puck, stick handling drills and instruction on skills and game situation techniques including the following:

  • Edge Control: Inside Edges and Outside Edges
  • Weight Transfer and Body Positioning
  • First Three Step Acceleration
  • Tight Turns: Maintaining Speed and Control
  • Speed: Use of Upper Body and Arms
  • Off Balance Transition: Front Leg to Back Leg
  • Consistent Passes: Saucer, Touch, Fake Shot, Give-and-Go, and More…
  • Developing “Soft Hands”
  • Stick Handling with Body Protection: Forehand and Backhand Side
  • One-Handed Puck Control
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • 1 on 1, 2 on 1, 2 on 2 and 3 on 2 drills
  • Puck Protection: Open Ice and Along Boards
  • Giving and Receiving Body Contact
  • Fore-checking, Angling and Boxing Out
  • Basic Systems
  • Pressuring the Net
  • Cycling
  • And many more techniques and skills…

Defensive drills include:

  • Gap Control
  • Angling Open Ice/D-Zone
  • Protecting Strong Side Post
  • Boxing Out
  • Proper Use of Stick
  • Shooting from the Point
  • And more… 


Off-ice will be utilized to enhance the on-ice development.  Off-ice not only includes strength and conditioning training, but use of the skating treadmill and shooting rink.  The sessions will focus on the following areas:

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Explosiveness
  • Core
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Injury Prevention 

Players will learn full control of multitask body movements, as well as enhance neuromuscular memory to perform multiple tasks with ease and comfort.  These include stick and puck handling, quick feet and hands, and speed vision.  Players can expect more explosiveness in their first few strides, along with increased balance and confidence in a few short weeks.  Our goal is to develop unconscious competence with the body, which in turn frees the brain to read and react to plays in the game.

Hockey specific training will cover similar aspects as the strength training, on the 25’ x 50’ shooting rink and the skating treadmill.


Goalies will be put through a number of power skating and stick handling drills.  With the speed of the game, it is important that goalies be able to move with the play having balance and agility, giving them a better opportunity to prepare for a shot in any situation.  Game situational drills include:

  • Proper Technique
  • Rebound Control
  • Recovery
  • Where to Be and When i.e. when to challenge and when not to, good and bad angled shots
  • And many more technical aspects…  


Like every other camp at Barron Hockey Academy, there will be fantastic on-ice management and absolutely no standing around.  Barron Hockey has the best instructor to student ratio in the business, having 7-9 instructors on every ice session.  For further information on instructors you can expect to see at the camp, please visit our instructor page. Instructors


Local attractions for during your stay include:

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