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Importance of Conditioning!


Trainer’s Corner with Chris Martin

Today I wanted to touch base with all of the parents and athletes who train within The Rinks-Yorba Linda, and those from all outside organizations, that would like to join the fun!  Firstly, this is a very exciting and busy time of year for everyone. Summer is coming to a close, kids are back in school, most importantly, hockey season is starting! With all of this we are already beginning to see people catching colds, getting injured, and all around just stressed out. For this challenge, I’d like to offer up a solution. Conditioning!

This is probably everybody’s least favorite word in the gym, but by far one of the most important. When I talk with my clients about conditioning, I get evil looks towards our push sleds and grumbling about burpees and battling ropes… Or our coaches eyes light up with a sadistic grin. I’d like to offer up a different solution. Let’s condition ourselves to not be overwhelmed and sick when things change. Let’s set expectations for ourselves and the people around us, then hold each other accountable.

Anytime I begin working with a new group of youngsters, I set three basic expectations for them.

Number one, listen when the coach is talking. I then ask if everyone agrees to live up to this expectation, and wait for eye contact before moving on to the second expectation.
Number two, treat your peers with respect, and support them in their efforts. Again, does everyone agree this is important? Followed by more compliance.
Number three, work as hard as you can, and have as much fun as possible while doing it. Once everyone has agreed to all three expectations, good things start to happen.

All I’ve done here, is condition my clients. I’ve given them expectations. Once any one of those expectations is not met, I can always refer back, and hold them accountable for their actions. After all, they did look me in the eye and agree to live up to those expectations on day one. Conditioning 101, know what you need to do the achieve your goal, work to get to that goal and stay on task no matter what.

So when things get busy and stressful, (Holidays are just around the corner here folks!) will you be conditioned? Have you set expectations of yourself to eat right, get enough rest and make the important things in life a priority? These things should not be an obligation, but an expectation. If you don’t condition yourself outside the gym, that push sled might just be calling your name to help remind you.

I wanted to thank everyone for their continued support this season. If there is ever anything we can do to help you reach your personal fitness, or performance goals, do not hesitate to reach out! Would love the opportunity to work with you and successfully help you master your goals!

Your Success,

Chris Martin


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