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Hockey Specific Treadmill and Shooting


Skating Treadmill – Hockey

The skating treadmill speaks for itself.  Our acceleration programs that are utilized on the skating treadmill, have set us apart from everyone else.  Players that have trained and improved their stride on the skating treadmill range from Pro, DIV I, DIV 3, WHL, USHL, NAHL, BCHL, CJHL, Prep School, AAA Midget Major Players and down to Squirt levels.

Our goal is to promote a longer, more powerful stride and enhance foot speed and leg strength.  Our athletes will enhance their breakaway speed, improve power in their first three steps and gain control in their strength and conditioning.  All of our sprint programs are designed to be age and agility appropriate, ensuring the best possible training techniques for all ages and levels of players.  The programs that we have put in place can be used for the development of the player, in both the off-season and the in-season training.  Off-season training on the treadmill is used to supplement all strength and conditioning a player endures, and during the in-season, the treadmill enhances every aspect of a players performance on the ice, by analyzing each player’s mechanics and techniques including extension and recovery along with upper body mechanics and efficiency.

Skating Treadmill – Figure

Similar to the hockey skaters, figure skaters will be working on stride technique as well as body positioning in the stride.  Conditioning and endurance are also enhanced with the skating treadmill.  The sprint programs we have will allow for conditioning.

Program Options (Treadmill and Shooting)

  • Group Training (2 Players per 30-minute session)
  • Total Package Training (3-6 Players per 60-minute session) Note: This package includes both a shooting and treadmill lesson.
  • Team Training (6+ Players per 90-minute session) Note: Team training includes treadmill analysis, shooting on the synthetic ice rink, and an off-ice strength and conditioning work out in our facility.



Shooting Rink

The 50′ x 25′ shooting rink enables players the ability to concentrate on isolating different shooting techniques.  Depending on age and ability, players are taught different shooting mechanics for various shot types.  The shooting rink gives the players the capability to shoot hundreds of pucks, repeatedly and properly, an opportunity they do not get during team practices.  Learning how to shoot off their front leg, their back leg, and understanding proper weight transfer, proper hand positioning and follow through are some aspects we focus on.  Along with wrist shots, snap shots, slap shots, back-hand shots, one timers, quick release, and many other shooting techniques.  Also, we integrate a radar gun to monitor shot progression.

During these lessons it is not just about the result of the shot, it is working on the skill sets that allow our player to consistently shoot a puck correctly.  In order to do so, we analyze the perfect shot with the basic mechanics.  Starting from accepting and cradling a pass, to putting the puck in proper position, to then allow the player to initiate the shot and allow for proper follow through.  The overall mechanics include accepting, passing, cradling, putting the puck in proper position.  With that includes proper hand position, weight transfer, compression of shaft of stick, to blade pointing and puck positioning based on shot type.  We work with players on how to apply all of these basic mechanics into one fluid motion.  Lessons also include proper stick handling techniques and much more.

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